I'm a music and tv lover from Montreal, Canada
I realy like what comes from my city (music,art, cinema) and from other place.
I reallylike music and cannot stop speaking about that

I'm a big fan of some tv series like supernatural (A LOT), the big bang theory, Castle, Sherlock and many other

I draw and take some photos so i will post some of my art too. you can see it on my other blog: http://girlwiththeradioart.tumblr.com/


4 eras, waiting for the fifth era…


some super dumb napkin drawings frm work 2day

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey people with anxiety and panic disorder or just need something calming


Check out this awesome webpage: Calm.com

It has moving nature backgrounds you can choose from, nature sounds, calming music, and guided meditations for varying lengths of time. I think they have an app too. This helped me A LOT last year when I was in school dealing with panic. You can turn the music on and off as you want. Hope it can help someone else.

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