I'm a music and tv lover from Montreal, Canada
I realy like what comes from my city (music,art, cinema) and from other place.
I reallylike music and cannot stop speaking about that

I'm a big fan of some tv series like supernatural (A LOT), the big bang theory, Castle, Sherlock and many other

I draw and take some photos so i will post some of my art too. you can see it on my other blog: http://girlwiththeradioart.tumblr.com/


friend-zoning guys is horrible. it is disgusting. funzone them instead. send them to a small childs park so they can cry with the other babies when they dont get what they want.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today is the first day of spring ( September 1) so lets commemorate that with this aptly titled song from the Horrors ….

How can you praise someone who’s leaked naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence omg that’s discusting!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


OMG arcade fire just did a cover of wolf parade in their Montreal show whyyyyy did I missed that

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